Thursday, May 11, 2006

Knitting Group Quandry

I think I explained in the past that I encountered two women within a couple of weekends of each other who each had the names/emails for 7-10 knitters interested in a group meet-up. I suggested combining the groups and meeting at the coffee shop in our neighborhood. Both agreed and one suggested the second Thursday of the month. Now, Thursday isn't great for me, but I got the impression that it was good for the people on her list, so I agreed.

Last month, we had 7 people come and go over the course of 2 1/2 hours. Tonight, I was there for 1 1/2 hours and no one came. Now, I sent a message to the neighborhood email list, so I know that half the group was reminded a few days ago. But I don't think that the other "half" of the group was reminded.

My dilemma is really that I don't want to be the organizer of this group. I realize that it isn't a big responsibility...but I don't want anymore responsibilities right now. The house tour and other neighborhood things I do are enough. I just want a knitting group in my neighborhood, at my coffee shop that I can show up at once a month. But I have the feeling that if I don't step up and run things, this group won't get off the ground. Argh.

The only good news, is that if I do decide to take the reins, I'm going to change the date to Wendesday or Monday...because that works much better for me!

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