Monday, May 08, 2006

1st Big Demo Session

I decided to take Friday Off - I knew the weekend was going to be too busy to get much done, I needed the extra sleep, and R was off all last week and it seemed like it would be nice to have a day off together. After a slow morning, lunch at our local coffee shop and a walk around the neighborhood, we came home energized enough to start doing some demo work on our third floor. We ending up working on the removal of the carpet and tack strips, the pad and staples, the "bar" (well most of it), two layers of wallpaper, a couple of light fixtures and an outlet/switch.

Demo Photos

Saturday I had a show and we helped some friends move. Sunday we visited a friend's new cabin. So we plan to return to the demo later this week. Bulk pick-up is next Monday morning, so the more we can get done, the better!

Reds - Still in First!

Knitting - Progress on the Cherry Hill socks continued this weekend. I'm working my way up the leg. From the amount of yarn I still have, it seems like I could make knee socks! We'll see which runs out first, my motivation to keep going or the yarn.

Show - What I saw on Saturday was Golda's Balcony with Valerie Harper. It was very good. And lunch afterwards with my friends was very nice, too.

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