Thursday, May 18, 2006

Why not LAST night, too?

I'm thrilled and relieved that the Reds squeaked out a win today. I just wish they could have done so last night. The number of times that they loaded the bases and scored 1 or 0 runs was incredibly frustrating. I just didn't see the team play that I've been reading about. Same goes for the game I watched on TV Tuesday night, although that one was almost worse because Harang really only had one bad inning, too, and he threw a lot of strikeouts.

Despite his less than stellar performance, I was impressed by Arroyo. He is clearly very confident and he's not one of those pitchers who has to take a lot of time between pitches or who worries tremendously about base runners stealing. He's clearly there to pitch, no to dawdle around the mound, which I find impressive. His last couple of innings he was pitching the way I expected to see him pitch the whole game - in command.

Oh well. It was a good game last night until White came in *and* we only got rained on outside before the game. :-) Glad I went with friends and not alone!

(still waiting for yarn to arrive for shower gift...*tapping foot*)

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