Monday, February 05, 2007


I'm not going to whine. The weather is what it is and considering how late the winter weather has come to us I'm not really complaining. We also had LOTS of sun this weekend, to the point that R and I were almost sweating during our Sunday brunch sitting in the bay window of our neighborhood coffee shop. The walk home didn't feel cold at all because we had stored so much warmth while we ate.

And, that was the only time I left the house all weekend. R did venture out on Saturday to retrieve the car from the shop (yay!), put gas in both cars and do the monthly grocery trip for cat litter and other things we can't/don't get at Whole Foods.

I'm still not sure about the pink square for the log cabin blanket. Except for the 2-row border, the square is done. I'm putting off the decision by knitting the solid purple bands that go between the squares. I took photos of the four squares together this weekend and I'll post them for comment tonight or tomorrow.

I also photographed the Dale of Norway hat, the double knitted washcloth and a few things I've made for myself that I've never bothered to document. (I'm much better about photographing things I'm giving away...) There are also some bib photos and pictures from the Meet Marcus and Max party that I need to post. I'm taking tomorrow off for my birthday and plan to deal with some or all of these photos then.

I did work on the baby's room quite a bit this weekend. R hung the pictures that were too high for me and I hung the IKEA shelves and a few smaller photos. I also worked on the mural, which is going well but slower than anticipated. I got the touch up done on the light and medium greens (the letters and the vines), but didn't finish the second coat of the dark green (background) or start the bugs. I was hoping to have it done by the time the glider is delivered tomorrow, but that doesn't seem likely. Oh well. I would prefer to be done painting before the baby comes, but it isn't the end of the world if I'm not and I don't want to push my back to the point that I'm miserable. I just have to take advantage of the time I have when I have it and continue to enjoy the creative process.

I plan to take nursery pictures tomorrow, even if the mural isn't finished. Mostly because the rest of the room will be and I want to make sure the progress gets documented before "the invasion".

Last, but not least, I still feel pretty good. The baby has dropped some, but I'm not having that "bowling ball between my legs" sensation that I've heard others describe and I'm not convinced that there is any significant progress toward labor going on. We shall see what progress the doctor finds on Friday, but I have been continuing to convince myself that she will be late to avoid disappointment. We could handle her arrival this week, but I'm not getting my hopes up. I also don't really need to start thinking about labor before it is absolutely necessary...

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Amanda said...

I second that it is cold today! Happy early Birthday as well, hopefully Miss M will wait through tomorrow and let you keep your own special day.

Good news about your car, I was curious of its progress. Enjoy your day off!!