Tuesday, February 20, 2007


(I tried to send this at 2:03pm, but it never showed up...)

We had our first round of visits from friends on Sunday. Three of my
knitting friends and another couple came over in the afternoon.
Everyone loved Heather (of course) and she seemed to do really well.
Although later in the evening (when a coworker came for a quick visit),
Heather had one of her inconsolable crying periods. Both the pacifier
and pinkie-pacifier were not good enough. I fed her 3 times in 3 hours,
but it still took her quite a lot of crying time to finally settle down
and fall asleep. Once she finally fell asleep on me, we didn't wake her
until it was absolutely necessary. :-)

I forgot to mention that Heather's Uncle Dustin (R's brother) came for a
visit on Thursday evening. He was hesitant to hold her, but R was
able to persuade him. In contrast, Heather's Aunt Tara (R's Sister)
barely put Heather down during her visit here yesterday. Except when
Heather needed a diaper change and feeding!

We're expecting to receive more visits from friends on Thursday and
Saturday. Though we are enjoying our quiet days, it is certainly nice
to see friends and share the new joy in our life.

Now I must go try to convince a cute sleeping baby that it is time to
eat. :-)

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noise said...

Who is this "Rudy" person you mentioned? Could it be the mysterious "R" you're always talking about?