Thursday, February 01, 2007


The process of starting to pack last night made me realize that we only have two hats that aren't pink or lacy. (I'm not taking anything pink to the hospital, just in case something was missed on the ultrasound...) So I pulled the Dale of Norway hat back out and continued weaving in the many, many yarn ends. By bedtime I had only 5 left, so it should be blocking by the time I go to bed tonight.

I'm having second thoughts about the pink accent color I chose for the log cabin blanket. It's a very loud pink, and I'm having doubts. I plan to finish the block and lay it out with the others. If I decide not to use it, it will become the basis for a baby blanket for a little girl coming this summer who has a bright pink room with a purple border. And I'll go to Knit One and find another accent color. It would be nice to finish the blanket before our child comes, but I would rather have a finished project I love than to finish it when I'm not satisfied. Besides, I am taking Tuesday off for my birthday, so there will be lots of knitting time that day. :-)

We tried a new restaurant in our neighborhood last night. It has the potential to be the "family" restaurant that the neighbors say they want. They still seem a bit disorganized (they just opened on Tuesday) and the portions are really big, but my entree was very tasty and there seems to be an interesting variety of foods on the menu. Some neighbors are concerned that the menu is too eclectic, but I think they'll work that out in time and there are certainly enough "typical" options that it shouldn't turn anyone off. We'll see how they do.

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