Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Started packing

There is a pile of things to take with us to the hospital. The next
challenge is figuring out what bag it will all fit in. It really isn't
a ton of stuff, but the robe is very bulky. Plus, R will need to bring
the birthing ball, too, I don't want to make it all too awkward for
him. Though I assume he'll leave the ball in the car until I move from
triage to L&D.

The car seat is still a small issue, since we don't have our car back
yet. But I assume, worst case scenerio, R and my dad can install the
seat in whatever car we have during my 48 hour stay in the hospital. We
just hope it doesn't have to come to that. Last time R talked to the
dealer it sounded like the needed parts would be in let's all
cross our fingers that we get the car back before we have to go to the

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