Wednesday, January 10, 2007


I made last night's post very close to my I was rather hurried trying to get it all up quickly. A few additional notes:

1 - The baby's room obviously isn't done yet. We need to hang pictures and two doors, I plan to do a painting over the crib, the painting materials need to be removed and we need to buy a bookcase. Also, we don't have the glider yet.

Also, note all of the "blue things" in the doorway. Stewart continues to enjoy this room a lot - the wood floor is great for playing soccer with his little plastic toys.

2 - The snowdrop shawl was made with a 95% merino wool, 5% cashmere laceweight that I bought at The Wool Gathering in September. The skein was very tangled in several spots, to the point that I had to cut the yarn twice to avoid spend hours untangling it.

3 - Marcus' blanket was made with a superwash wool from Brown Sheep in Grass Green. I used *every* bit of yarn I had. I had to spit splice a few cuttings on at the end to finish the bind off.

4 - The cabled vest was made with Swish superwash from Knit Picks. The color in real life is less washed out than it looks, but the flash photo made the green look like Marcus' blanket...

5 - The felted slippers were made with Wool of the Andes by Knit Picks.

6 - The three solid colored fetching gloves were made with Andean Silk from Knit Picks. Also, I made a 5th pair for my SIL that didn't get photographed. Those were similar to the blue-purple ones, but made with a rusty orange and black alpaca yarn. The cables were also not as twisted...I move the stitches to left in two moves rather than one.

7 - The corazon mittens were made with Cascade superwash. I'm a big fan of this pattern and there will probably be a pair of these for me in the future.

There are still things I've made for myself that need to be photographed - but I feel so much more "caught up" now!

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cara said...

wow, lots of updates! can't wait to see the baby's room in person :)