Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Photos, and lots of 'em

Okay, so Stewart curled up in my lap and the R put in Season 2 episodes of LOST that we didn't finish watching before Season 3 began. (The goal is to finish watching them and rewatch the Season 3 fall episodes before the rest of Season 3 begins.)

With one arm trapped under Stewart for much of the time (so no knitting), I finally installed Photoshop Elements on my new laptop and uploaded a bunch of photos to our online gallery. Making it easy for me to post them here.

First, the baby's room:

Then, knitting:

A very belated picture of a catnip mouse made in 2006 and Effie being the first to test it out.

Fingerless gloves for my cousin, Christmas 2006 - Fiesta yarn - Wool/Mohair blend

Here is the secret Christmas knitting. The snowdrop shawl (designed by The Yarn Harlot) made for Mom. Here it is blocking.

Here is a close-up.

A belated picture of the blanket I made for Marcus - finished this summer and gifted at his mom's shower this fall. The design was made up by me.

Close-up of Marcus' blanket

Cabled Vest for Grandma for Christmas 2006. I made up the cable pattern.

Close-up of Cabled Vest

Cabled mittens for my other Grandma for Christmas 2006. My first project made with Koigu PPPM - lovely. I started with a vogue pattern for gloves and turned them into mittens since I knitted much of the first one in the dark on the way to Ohio. :-)

Felted slippers for my cousin for Christmas 2006. The base pattern is Fuzzy Feet from Knitty. I added the Bengal Stripes (improvised).

The myriad of Fetching gloves made for Christmas 2006. The only pair made exactly as the pattern calls for are the ones in the upper right. Upper left are two color and longer at the beginning and end. Lower left are longer and I added beads between the cables. Lower right is a different cable pattern and is the longest pair.

Close-up of the Fetching pair that has beads.

mittens for our niece for Christmas 2006. The pattern was shortened because I wasn't really knitting to the gauge the pattern called for.


LisaBe said...

holy knitting content! i love all those variations on fetching, which is on my list of to-knit projects--my hands are forever cold, yet i need to be able to type or knit at pretty much any time. also: gorgeous shawl. jaw-dropping.
don'tcha love these old houses in which you can spare a room for a baby that has a fireplace and huge windows with stained glass? people are jealous out there, i tell you!
you look great--can't wait to watch the big countdown! :)

Amanda said...

Talk about eye candy Amy! Everything turned out so beautiful... the Baby Moderne blanket looks so at home in the nursery. Did your mom plan that? And I am going to agree with Lisa, the shawl is jaw dropping. To see it blocked out really is impressive. I envy you and your thread knitting! See you this weekend!!

Ryan said...

Wow, Amy! Your projects are absolutely beautiful! I love the fingerless gloves.