Saturday, January 13, 2007

Lots of Shopping

We're getting there.

Two hours in IKEA resulted in:
A 42" high Billy bookcase + an extension (baby's room)
A RAST drawer unit (for the bathroom for the baby's bathtub)
Four Ekarp lamps, two with Arden Bloom shades (our bedroom) and two with Alfhild Fagel shades (baby's room)
Four Jarpen shelves with Eight Hall brackets (2 sets for baby's room, 2 sets for my room)
And a cutting board for the kitchen (I don't remember the name)

Then we went to Target:
We returned the car seat that just failed Consumer Reports' tests

They didn't have the seat we wanted in stock, so we used the gift card to get:
3 hooded towels
A Boppy and 2 Boppy slipcovers
A thermometer
A baby grooming kit
Lanisoh cream
2 nursing bras and 2 nursing camisoles (you probably don't really need to know that, but I mention it for completeness :-)

At Home Depot we bought:
A new cordless drill (mine stopped recharging)
Green paint and roller covers for Rudy's room
drywall screws for hanging the shelves

After some time spent putting together and installing some of our purchases, we settled down to watch some episodes of LOST. During which time I browsed the internet for the car seat we want. I found the one I wanted at, and I ordered it to pick it up at the store. Which saves me from going from store to store to find the one we want. Plus, I was able to look at all of the fabrics available from Graco, and choose the one I like the best. Having been prepared to take whatever I could get, this makes me happy.

It might not be totally finished, but i think the baby's room will be in great shape by the time people come next Saturday and we have almost everything on the "must purchase before the baby's born" list.

Tomorrow - completion of shelf construction, painting, knitting with friends and more painting

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R said...

That really was too much shopping. Oh, and you forgot the Swedish meatballs :)