Wednesday, January 03, 2007


I didn't get quite as much done over the week off as I had wanted to, but given my lack of physical stamina I probably shouldn't be surprised. I also did things like watching TV while writing thank you notes, which slows down the process considerably.

I finished writing all of the thank you notes for baby-related items. This includes everything that Miss M got for the shower and for christmas. This, in itself, is a big just isn't one that is visible in the house...

I finished all of the non-mural painting in the baby's room. The closet door, closet shelf, window sill and door to my office are all now painted.

Most of the things that don't belong on the first floor have been moved to their proper locations. The "clutter" began to develop the weekend of the shower and only got worse after christmas. There are still some empty boxes, old laptops and miscellaneous items that don't belong where they are, but the situation is under much better control than it was on December 26th. :-)

Two knitted hats to donate to "Caps to the Capitol". They'll be in the mail as of lunchtime today - which is the submission deadline.

The watching of many episodes of Battlestar Gallactica. We watched all of Season One and I think we're nearing the midpoint of Season Two. I'm enjoying it much more now that we've started from the beginning. Watching random Season Two and Season Three episodes wasn't doing much for me. The show is too serialized and there are too many characters for me to get into it later on.

Lastly, some errands were run. I got a few more baby items with a coupon that expired at the end of the year and some christmas money. We still have more needs, but we will at least wait until the next credit card period to make another dent. And some things can wait until February, too. I don't think we'll need the stroller from day one...especially in winter. Although when you consider the warm winter we've been having, it certainly doesn't seem impossible that Miss M and I could go out for walks before spring.

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Amanda said...

I think you have done more than I have in the past week- and I don't have any excuse to be lazy. I just am.

:o) Happy New Year!