Sunday, January 14, 2007

Feeling Crappy

After a great day, I didn't take enough care while pulling the car into
the garage, and I swiped the driver's side and side mirror into the
frame of the garage door. I had my foot on the wrong pedal and
accelerated into the "hit". Both are damaged. At least, we can
probably do the garage repairs ourselves. But dealing with both
tomorrow will take time away from time I had planned to spend on the
baby's room.

We will take pictures tomorrow for insurance purposes (that will be our
first phone call in the morning to see if the repairs are covered and
what they want us to do first), but I doubt I will be posting them. At
the moment, even thinking about it makes me feel bad all over again, so
I won't be sharing photos. Someday I'll be able to laugh about it I'm
sure, but at the moment I just feel like an idiot and I'm cursing myself
for not being more careful and taking my time.



Amanda said...

The first booboo is always the worst. I am sorry to hear this is how your day ended yesterday :o(

R said...

It wasn't really that bad. The car is being repaired and we've pretty much finished fixing the garage (except for making the opener believe it can open & close the door on its own...)

Noone was hurt and no other cars were involved. Seems not so bad to me...