Tuesday, January 30, 2007

One Week

I didn't intend to go a week without posting. I think last week was just pretty uneventful (when I could have made time to post) and the weekend didn't involve a lot of time spent at the computer.

But the real reason for the title of the post is because my birthday is in one week. Normally, I would start counting down to the big day about a month before. (And I did take notice of January 6th, both because of it's proximity to my birthday and because I know 3 people whose birthdays fall on that day.) But for fairly obvious reasons I haven't been very focused on my birthday this year. :-) There is a part of me that would like her to come early. I wouldn't mind giving up a relaxing birthday in order to share it with her. But, I also wouldn't mind her being a little late so we can have a few more quiet weekends to prepare and I could get more done at work before going on leave.

It helps that I am not miserable physically. I moan and groan here and there, and changing position in bed and getting out of bed are growing more noticeably difficult. But I am not so unhappy that I am dying for her to show up. Which I think is pretty good for 37 weeks, 3 days. And the knowledge that her arrival is going to change our lives forever makes it that much easier to enjoy a quiet night watching TV and knitting while it lasts... (I also like the fact that there is no guilt associated with eating. I'm going to miss that!)

My next appointment is Friday morning. We shall see if there is any progress. Last week, the doctor was pretty positive that the baby is facing the right way and I don't have any signs of pre-eclampsia, so we don't expect another ultrasound or any interventions, other than the weekly check-ups.

On the knitting front, the first three log cabin squares of the blanket are done and I've started the fourth. I'm still going through options in my head of how to attach them and what to put between them. I did a garter row of accent color around each block and I definitely want some purple between the blocks. I just have to figure out what the "in between" stitch pattern is and what direction it runs.

I haven't done any more weaving in or sewing on the hat or the booties I started. I've been pretty focused on the blanket. Although I did take a quick break from it this weekend to make a double knitted washcloth. I watched an episode of knitty gritty that demonstrated double knitting, and I wanted to give it a try before forgetting what I had learned. I put the first letter of our last name on the washcloth, and I'm pretty happy with the result. I don't think it is a technique I'll use a lot, since it is a little awkward and slow, but it is a nice tool in the arsenal. I could see where it would make REALLY cozy gloves or a reversible hat. Maybe I'll try that when I get back to Dulaan knitting.

Lastly, I had my first ever pedicure on Saturday. Very lovely. And I managed not laugh or flinch - impressive with my ticklish feet. :-)

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