Friday, February 23, 2007

Quiet weekend

Turns out that none of our projected weekend visitors are going to make it. One group had proposed coming at 10am...let me just say that we were barely ready for our Thursday guests who came at 1pm, so they're coming next weekend when they can come in the afternoon. The others won't be coming because of illness (boo) and work (boo).

I admit that I'm tempted to go to the neighborhood coffee shop with Heather this weekend. Firstly, because I want to try out the sling I made and secondly because I'm going just a tad stir crazy. The stir craziness has really only hit me once or twice, and it is brought into perspective quickly with a visit from friends. But starting Monday, Heather and I will be home alone during the day, and as long as the weather is cooperative, I'd like to feel confident at least walking to the coffee shop for adult interaction. Then again, without R around to make fun of my DVD choices, I might find a renewed enjoyment in staying inside. :-)

In knitting news, the squares of the log cabin blanket are seamed together and I've started a crochet edge all the way around. It may get finished sometime this weekend.

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Amanda said...

Good luck with your first day home without R! Annie and I enjoyed the show Saturday. The set was great, I think you would have enjoyed it. Talk with you soon