Friday, February 16, 2007


I've finally managed to caption the Heather photos and Nursery photos we've posted, mass email everyone I know, respond to emails received before today and post on a local message board. Now I just need to get "caught up" here. I was going to post a day by day description of the past week, but that's a bit much don't you think. :-)

My water broke at 2am on Friday and Heather was delivered by emergency c-section 5 1/2 hours later. Her birth was not really what we had envisioned, but we both came out healthy and we got great care, so I have no real complaints. These things can't be planned, right? :-)

The week has been going pretty well. Thankfully, my daughter knew how to latch on for breastfeeding from the beginning and except for a marathon overnight feeding a couple of nights ago, it has gone smoothly. She seems interested in sucking on something almost whenever she's awake (me, her fingers, her clothes, etc) so we were thankful to get the okay from the pediatrician yesterday to use a pacifier sparingly.

We had a good visit with the pediatrician yesterday. Everything looks good and she's back to gaining weight again. She's still a pretty tiny thing, though.

The three days in the hospital wasn't too bad. I admit that never having had surgery before, I was not looking forward to the stay. But all of the nurses were nice and helpful, and the ability to send Heather to the nursery for a couple of hours to ensure that we got *some* sleep was helpful as we were figuring out what we were doing. Especially since I didn't have much mobility until Sunday.

Initially, R and I both found that our instinct was to talk to Heather as we talk to the cats - saying "meow" and calling her "kitty". We are well trained. :-) A week later, this seems to have finally passed. Although i admit I've called the cats "kiddo" a few times, hoping to find a label that works for all of the little creatures in our house.

There is little knitting news. I haven't done any since we left the hospital. I did finish the main blocks of the last log cabin square. But it still need to have the ends woven in and the edge knitted before it can be attached to the rest of the blanket.

Heather is finally sleeping, after a long afternoon of eating, dozing, waking and fussiness. Time for me to try to grab a nap before she gets hungry again...

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noise said...

truly LOL @ saying "meow" to a baby.