Friday, March 30, 2007

The harlot, the stroller and the back

I'm going to go with list format to make it easier on me. :-)

1 - R was out of town Tuesday night. Even with a visit from a friend (and her adorable son) and leaving the house twice to run errands, it was a long day. Heather only slept in the bjorn and the car, so I barely got to put her down at all while we were home. She wasn't fussy for the most part, but it is very tiring.

2 - She spent part of Tuesday night in bed with me because it was just easier and there was plenty of room without R there. Also, I woke up at 6am with some return of back pain, so it was easier to have her close and not have to get her in and out of the crib. 24 hours of motrin, some rest and a couple of hot showers had my muscles back to normal by Thursday morning.

3 - Wednesday we had a playdate, although at Heather's age it was primarily for me since she couldn't take advantage of all of Marcus' great toys or the swings at the park. But we did go get her stroller. Very cool.

4 - Wednesday night we were invited to dinner at a neighbor's house. They cooed over Heather and I enjoyed their 4 month old kitten. ;-)

5 - Wednesday night was an awful night. Heather mostly refused to sleep. So Thursday we rested in the morning and took our inaugural walk in the neighborhood in the afternoon. Very nice to have the stroller so I can get some exercise. My only complaint so far is that the cup holder isn't very good. Although given the state of sidewalks in our neighborhood, I don't know that I could really use it even if worked better. I held my coffee while we walked, and it continued to splash out of the top even when it was half empty.

6 - Heather and I are going to see The Yarn Harlot tonight! Woo hoo! Must go finish my hat...

7 - The episode of "Ellen" that is on today is the February 9th episode. So the first time this show aired I was just coming out of the anesthesia from my c-section.

8 - Heather just fell asleep on her playmat. Pardon me while I hit the couch for a snooze myself!


LisaBe said...

i'll be there tonight, too--can't wait!

Amanda said...

See you there Amy!! So happy to hear that Heather behaved enough to be allowed to come. She is destined to knit!

jen said...

Sorry you've had a rough week. Now that you have the stroller, you may be able to pop her in there and hit the sidewalk when she doesn't want to nap and you're tiring of holding her. That doesn't help with the sleep, but it will free your arms for a bit. And if she falls asleep in the stroller, you can find a park bench and pull out your knitting!