Saturday, March 03, 2007

Sleep is a Wonderful Thing

I'm concerned that yesterday's post was a bit too negative. Being tired led me to focus only on the difficulties of the past week and not any of the nice changes that I've seen. My impression is that Heather had quite a few more "quiet, alert" periods throughout the week, which are enjoyable even during a period of sleep deprivation. We are anxious for her to be more responsive to outside stimuli, but she is still pretty cute to stare at even when you don't know what is causing her various facial expressions.

With R's help during Heather's "alert" periods overnight, I got a couple more hours of sleep than the past few nights and I feel better today. We also had a nice visit from three of my knitting friends, which improved my mood as well. :-) Tomorrow will include a possible visit from Heather's PA grandparents and a possible short trip for me to my knitting group. (It's only 5 minutes from home - so it will just depend on how things pan out around here.)

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