Saturday, March 24, 2007


I forgot one important tidbit in yesterday's post. Heather's strength continues to amaze me. I realize that she has little control over what she's doing at this point, but her actions are still impressive.

Several times, when I've come to get her out of the crib, I've found that she had a unique way of getting unswaddled. Instead of the very simple kicking off of the blanket, she has scooted herself out of the top of it, leaving the blanket in it's initial location. Twice she has also turned herself perpendicular to her original angle and once I found her on her side.

Most impressively, one morning she rolled herself from her back to her stomach while I was watching. Though once she got onto her stomach she seemed annoyed that she was lying on one of her arms so she couldn't easily move from that position.

Once she learns how to control all the power she has, we're in trouble.

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