Sunday, March 18, 2007

Sleep Jinx?

I hate to even post this, for fear that it will end any day now...especially since Heather is due for a growth spurt soon...

We've had four good nights in a row. Last night was especially lovely. We put Heather down around 10:30 and she slept until 3:30am! A new record. Over the past four nights, I've been able to put her down in her crib (or pack'n'play) after each feeding and she had settled down to sleep. Even when she wasn't already asleep when I put her down. And each time, she has slept at least 2 hours and at least once a night she has slept over 3 hours.

I've also discovered over the course of the past few days that both riding in the car and the baby bjorn have a tranquilizing effect on Heather. On Friday, Heather, Rebecca and I went to Babies'R Us and Eat'n'Park. In both places she was nearly silent thanks to the bjorn and the car seat. The outing was surprisingly easy, especially with Rebecca's help. And it was lovely to go to a restaurant. :-)

On Saturday, Heather and I went to a friend's baby shower. Once again, the drive put a fussy baby to sleep and she stayed asleep in the car seat through the introductions, lunch and one of the games. And after she ate, she went back to sleep until just before we left for home. (Alas, I neglected to photograph the washcloths that I made as a part of the gift. I used sugar'n'cream cotton and this pattern. I made one using five colors and then a solid version in each of those five colors.)

Today, Heather and I went to Home Depot with Erin to look at paint colors for Erin's new home. The car ride wasn't long enough to soothe her, but the baby bjorn put her right to sleep.

Overall, it was great to have Rebecca here for a few days. Great to see her and have her meet Heather. It was also reassuring to have a pediatrician watch me for a few days and not see that we're doing anything really wrong...not that I thought we were, but it's still nice. :-)

And the Clapotis is begun.

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