Wednesday, December 21, 2005

11 hours

That's all I have left of work for the year. That is assuming you don't count the time on Friday that I will be taking photos in Ohio for a proposal we'll be doing in January *and* that you don't count coming in for "clean up day" as work. (It mostly isn't)

Still too much to do for Christmas, but I've made great progress. About 16 presents are wrapped (it would be 18, but I ran out of tape at 11:45 last night). 3 presents need sewing, 2 presents (5 pieces) need to have ends woven in, 1 present has about 1 1/2" knitted and the last hasn't been started.

I will get it all done, it's just a question of how much sleep I'll lose this week...and I'm tired already.

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