Friday, December 02, 2005

Forget Regret

My goal for the weekend is to push myself to finish the bedroom. I could have made progress last night, but after kitty playtime and making dinner, I didn't have much time until CSI...and therefore I decided to camp out on the couch with my laptop. If I would have known that CSI and Without a Trace would both be repeats, I could have gotten something else done. But at the point I could have left the couch, Nora was cutely curled up in my lap...and by the time she left I was too engrossed in my laptop activities to get off my butt. Non-productive evenings are good now and then, right?

Some things that I read on other blogs last night reminded me of a few other comments I have about RENT, the movie. (Again, I've only seen the show once on stage, so it is really much more about how the movie compares with my thoughts on the show based on listening to the CD 4 million times.)

-I liked the fact that the last shot of April is her getting the HIV test results and being comforted by Roger. I had no need to see her bleeding on the bathroom floor.

-The most "uncomfortable" part of the movie for me was when Roger was in Santa Fe. I don't see a city boy like him climbing up into the mountains alone or going out into the desert. The shots of him driving through the dessert in a convertible seemed wrong, too. Yes, the car was totally beat up and old, but it just seemed very un-Roger like and misplaced. One shot of him driving was fine...but several were unnecessary.

-Jesse Martin can move - I had no idea. I loved "Santa Fe". A great example of the reinterpretation for film.

-Benny's part sucked, although I enjoyed him in his first scene on the street tearing down Maureen's posters. I don't think he ever "got credit" for Mimi's rehab and he just really wasn't given much to do other than look pretty. ;-)

I will stop boring the non-interested with this now. Although I don't promise that the topic won't come up again when it comes out on DVD!


Rich Y. said...

you think your posts are boring. if you only knew.

Rich Y. said...

"I had no need to see her bleeding on the bathroom floor."

another casualty of the PG-13 rating.

[macabre sarcasm]no pun intended.[/macabre sarcasm]

Anonymous said...

Hi Amy! I enjoyed your comments about the movie and COMPLETELY agree about the Roger in the desert - it was like a cheezy 1990's music video.

My biggest problems with the show is that they 1) showed Angel as a boy first and not a girl and 2) completely cut out the Mark/Roger fight before "What you own." The fact that Mark lives behind his camera is obliterated and is so impoprtant, in my humble opinion. Chris Colombus should have spoken to me first.