Thursday, December 01, 2005

What did we ever do without the internet?

Growing up in Ohio, Heidi and Katie were my closest friends.  I've known Heidi since I was born and Katie and I met in kindergarten.  Katie's best friend was Carrie, who lived around the corner from her.  And as we all went through K-4 together, I got to be friends with Carrie, too...but didn't keep in touch with her after we left Ohio.
So, Katie and Carrie keep in touch, Katie and I keep in touch and Heidi and I keep in touch.  And now that Katie, Carrie and I are all keeping a blog, in a strange way Carrie and I can now keep in touch, too.  So now Carrie has read about Heidi's two adorable boys and I've read about Katie's younger brother being engaged - which are cool things to know but kind of odd since Carrie probably remembers Heidi as a 12 year old and I remember Katie's brother as a 6 year old.  Time marches on, even if we aren't there to see it.
I guess it really isn't that big of a deal, it is just kind of strange to be "reconnected" with someone that you haven't seen since you were both 11.  I've been reading Carrie's blog, so now I know more about what's going on in her life than some of my close college friends.  I guess that just means I need to bug my college friends to start writing in blogs of their own so that they don't seem so far away!

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