Friday, December 30, 2005

It was a Happy Christmas

I've been putting off this post until I could get pictures together that I want to post...but I just can't be sure when I will find the motivation for that, so here goes.

I got everything done but one thing. I didn't finish the Bubby for my mom. If I would have made it the same size as the pattern, I might have finished. But on the ride to Dayton, it got dark about an hour in and half an hour later I finished the parts that I could knit without seeing what I was doing. It turns out that I didn't have enough yarn. I would have finished on the return trip to Pittsburgh, but I ran out of yarn. Oops. I was using leftovers from another project, so it wasn't a total shock. I'll buy more on the 3rd (my first day back at work) and send Bubby home by the end of the week.

We had nice visits with family and friends in Ohio. Although I will admit that I was stressed underneath it all until all the presents were wrapped on the 24th. Until that point, my mind raced with the items left on my to-do list every chance it got.

Everyone seemed to really like their presents and I liked everything that I (and we) received. I haven't found homes for everything yet - especially the "house" stuff. But except for one white porcelain cat, everything will look great in the house and I'm eager to find places for it all. And maybe while I am at it I can get myself to hang a few more pictures.

I also got a speaker base for my iPod (so I can listen to it anywhere in the house), a compound mitre saw, a new watch, a swift and winder for my yarn addiction, as well as several knitting books, some yarn, a yarn shop GC and some other odds and ends. Only one CD this year (Spamalot) and no DVDs, so I plan to use a little christmas money for media and then a few new pairs of pants.

R and I plan to spend today in our respective offices dealing with our stuff. We've already spent some time on the couch watching movies. (He got Star Wars III and Serenity.) And the first floor has been straightened up, we are basically caught up on dishes and I have made progress on laundry. I realize that these are not the most glamorous things to be doing on ones vacation...and honestly, if I hadn't knitted christmas presents I would have done it before the 25th...but that's not how things panned out this year.

There is a short list of things that I should really do before Tuesday's return to work. I think there is enough "float" in our schedule that I should be able to convince myself to do them. :-)

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