Saturday, December 17, 2005

Getting there

As of last night, all but two projects were knitted. And I began weaving ends in. I continue the weaving and sewing today, and given the size of the pile of "finished" items, I think I'm at least halfway through. Though I'm saving the striped items for last. Probably a mistake, but I might even start photographing and wrapping the other things before I tackle the stripes. I need to have a few things wrapped before the weekend is over or I might panic...

I went with a couple of girlfriends to see "Pride and Prejudice" today. I really enjoyed it and I plan to add the book to my reading list. I found with "Sense and Sensibility" that seeing the movie and then reading the book was a good combination. It helped me appreciate the differences between the two more. I would probably be harder to like the movie if I fell in love with the book first.

I also want to comment on a phenomenon I've noticed lately. I really have trouble feeling all "there" and coherent right after a movie. It's like my brain needs a little time to adjust back to the real world after being focused on the movie for 2 hours. It's possible that this adjustment is a little easier when I watch all of the credits and have that 5-7 minutes to get my head back in the game. (The first time that R and I went to a movie I was pleased that he was like me in his desire to watch all of the credits. Maybe its silly, but its just one of those nice little things that we have in common.)

Okay, back to the yarn needle. I need to felt tomorrow, 'cause it doesn't look like it's going to happen tonight...

Oh, and for any readers who might be on our mailing list, it looks like we will be sending a new years card this year instead of christmas cards. :-)

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Katie said...

Our cards will also likely be New Year's cards... but the cookies are well under way!