Monday, December 12, 2005


There are many pictures I want to post...I just haven't been able to get the stars to align to get them up here. With Christmas presents to knit, many other things are getting shoved down the to-do list. Although I did manage to clean the kitchen floor (it was gross!) and put up the Christmas tree and indoor Christmas decorations this weekend. We really have more decoration than I'm willing to put up, especially since it is likely that only Rudy and I will see any of it (other than the photos I'll post eventually). I did decorate the banister in the foyer (which does not prevent Stewart from sitting on it in his favorite spot), the mantle and a few surfaces in the living room and the bay window where the tree is sitting.

I'm still being very bad and not weaving in ends on Christmas knitting as I go. I have two things to finish, and two to knit, and then I'm going to have to spend all of my time finishing everything. Naughty Amy. Several things are felted, so knots are okay. It is the striped items that will be the death of me. At least they are for very deserving family members. ;-) I found the last few skeins that I needed at the yarn shop across the street from my office. That unfortunately means that I don't have an excuse to go visit the new one in Squill. I will save that for the week after Christmas when I have some money to spend on me.

Lots to do at work. The next few weeks are going to go very quickly. I'm proud to share that I came to work with a great burst of motivation and dealt with an item that has been on my to do list for a couple of weeks. And, I managed to keep my desk straight enough since I cleaned in off over a week ago that I can still see surface. Woo!

Lastly, let's all pray for a lack of snow in Pittsburgh during the week between Christmas and New Years. I'd really like to practice driving some more that week, but I have no desire to do so on snowy, slushy, slippery streets. I'm not scared of driving in the snow (I learned to drive in Buffalo in winter...), but worrying about moving the car from a stop without stalling is enough to think about, without being worried about sliding around! And it's not like you can drive anywhere in Pittsburgh without dealing with a hill of some description...

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