Wednesday, December 14, 2005


So we're transitioning to a new file management database at work. The new database won't recognize certain file types. So before we transition, the unrecognized files either need to be added to the database to be recognized by the database or moved to a different folder not managed by the database system. (Trying to describe it in layman's terms, so that probably isn't totally right, but you get my drift.)

The woman next to me is not savvy with computers. Fine. She's a pleasant person, and I don't mind helping when I can. I helped her last week to try to explain to her what she needed to do with all of her unrecognized files. I spent 15 minutes helping her. She took notes.

Now she's going through exactly the same stuff with someone else from my office, as if I hadn't told her anything. She did make one statement about something I had told her - but it was the opposite of what I said and totally wrong.

*grabbing my iPod and slapping the headphones over my ears*

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