Saturday, December 03, 2005

I don't really get it

I don't understand the "Merry Christmas"/"Happy Holidays" controversy. Have we all become so easily offended that we can't be satisfied unless our own particular preferences are being reflected all over the country and media and throughout the shopping experience?

I agree that the term "holiday tree" is silly. But I just really don't understand why people are offended if they are greeted with "Happy Holiday" instead of "Merry Christmas". It is still a greeting! The season is supposed to be about love and peace and happiness, not to mention tolerance and understanding.

If your priest or pastor starts saying Happy Holidays, you have a right to be offended. But there is no reason to be offended because your local department store doesn't say Merry Christmas. All shoppers are not christian.

This too shall pass.

Happy Holidays! :-P


Rich Y. said...

as once seen on the onion:

"Happy Holidays From Jesus"

Anonymous said...

The double edged sword of this country is this: we're so busy not getting our asses suicide-bombed off that we have the luxury to worry about stoopid shit like this. People need a reality check. They fret over stupid shit.

Erin :)