Thursday, December 01, 2005

I remembered...

...what I forgot to post about last weekend. On Sunday I had driving
practice, and it was good. We were out long enough that of course I
stalled more times than I ever had before, but it was still good. It
was the longest I had been driving since my first lesson with James in
Slippery Rock many summers ago. R and I hadn't really made it a
priority for me to learn stick shift until after the wedding, and by
that point things were busy enough that we never made significant time
to practice. There have been enough times in the past six months when
it would have been convenient for him if I could have driven the car myself.

I probably won't be driving solo until we find time for a few more
practice sessions...but if some emergency would occur, I feel confident
that I could drive the car from point A to point B. I just might make
some screechy sounds each time I started from a stop, especially on
those darn hills. ;-)

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